ScotPackage is a company that sells a variety of software.
Your task is to create a leaflet and a presentatio
n which will be used to advertise ScotPackage’s
software. Your presentation
will include information including the “Star Buy of the Month”.
Your teacher will supply you with data and text to include in your presentation.
There are five parts to this task:
1. Find the “Star Buy of the Month”.
2. Research the Internet for additional software to add to the database.
3. Create a company logo.
4. Create an advertising leaflet.
5. Design and create the presentation which will include:
a page describing the company
a page listing the types of software the company sells
a page highlighting the “Star Buy of the Month”
The final presentation can be produced using a
Desk Top Publishing
What you will need
access to a computer with a printer
software that allows you to store, sort and search data
access to the Internet
software that allows you to create and edit graphics
access to a scanner with OCR software
software that allows you to enter and edit text
paper to design your presentation layout
software that allows you to create a presentation
candidate answer grid
Appendix 1 and Appendix 2
marking guidelines
What you have to do
The stages of the project are set out on the candidate answer grid. You should work through them, in
order, on your own. You can ask your teacher for help if you are stuck but this may mean you gain
fewer marks.
Scottish Qualifications Authority
Coursework Task C207 10
Intermediate 1 Computing Studies
At each stage of the project you will produce some
evidence of the work you have done. Make sure
that you write your name on each of the items and keep them safe. They count towards your
assessment, so you must not lose them.
Tick the box beside each of the stages when you have completed them.



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