Comparison of the women figure, love, devil and Hell in three texts

Write a term paper that compares the following ideas from three texts:
-Women Figure
-The devil and hell

The texts are :
1-Petrarch (Selected Sonnets, Odes and Letters edited by Thomas Goddard Bergin) His Sonnets to Laura (she is the past and the future )
2- La Mandragola and Belfagor )women are not just idealistic but also devilish) By Machiavelli
3- Boccaccio The Decameron
Explain how each writer represented these topics.
How did each poet represent the women Figure in his story, how are they depicted.
Their importance.
The importance of love?
how are the women different or alike?
How do they represent the Medieval era
How are women associated to devils

Their traits and characteristics
The deference between boccaccio’s Hell(His hell is in the center of the earth and also in the center of the female body – explain why) and Machiavell’s ( Machiavelli’s Hell where people are not tortured) and petrarch’s Hell is on earth because of laura he can never be with her)
the importance and influence of love and how did each author represent love .
the women in Boccaccio’s stories which are : day 1 stories 1,2,3 Day 2 stories 5, 7 /Day 3 stories 6,10 /Day 4 stories 2 and 9/ Day 5 stories 4, 9/ Day 6 story 1 / day 7 story 9/ Day 8 story 7/ day 9 story 6 / Day 10 story 10 . Women in Boccaccio were associated to trikery
Please make good sophisticated arguments and support them with examples from the texts. Please be precise and direct.


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