MKTG 309 Social Marketing and Sustainability

CASE STUDY: Investigating a Social Marketing Issue (20 marks)

(Maximum word length 2000 words)

Report submitted to Turnitin AND uploaded to iLearn Case Study Discussion Forum.

Consider the needs of your community and the world around you through the eyes of a social marketer. To this end, choose a social, environmental or health issue (e.g. recycling, exercise, healthy eating, poverty, etc.) to investigate. You will be developing and writing a case study on your chosen issue. Your case study must bring together multiple types of information to provide a critical reflection concerning your chosen issue.

Your case study report must include the following information:

Social Marketing Campaigns. The case study report must include at least one social marketing campaign. Campaigns can be from anywhere in the world. In fact, we encourage international campaign as many of the issues examined are of global relevance. Current ongoing campaigns as well as past campaigns can be used. Past campaigns can be particularly useful as many have been evaluated and reports written assessing their effectiveness.

Academic Journal Articles. The report must include at least two academic journal articles. Note the academic journal articles may address the actual topic, a related topic or relevant behaviour change theories. Make sure to use quality journal articles accessed from top ranking journals such as: Journal of Marketing,

Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, etc.… If in doubt find out the journal ranking or pose a question on the general iLearn discussion board.

Theories/Models of Behaviour Change. The report must apply at least one behaviour change model to address the chosen issue. You will find a number of behaviour change models and theories discussed throughout the textbook with a number identified especially in chapter 2. You will also find that a number of social marketing campaigns explicitly apply specific models whereas others implicitly make use of theory.

Innovative Digital Content. You are encouraged to be innovative and to investigate a variety of materials for the one issue. Such content can include, but is not limited to:

• externally sourced or student generated digital images, blogs, podcasts or video clips

• web links to industry reports or news articles

• popular entertainment such as TV shows, movies, art, music, sport or online games

– Be inspired and inspire your peers with an assortment of digital content.

Summary, Critical Reflection & Solution. Making use of all the innovative content, social marketing campaigns, academic journal articles and behavior change theories, you need to reflect on your chosen issue and write a critical review of no more than 2000 words. Make sure to summarise and critique the content pointing out the positive aspects as well as the limitations of the material with respect to the issue and propose a solution to the issue.

Accurate Referencing. All sourced content must be referenced appropriately using Harvard style format.

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