Children’s imaginative worlds
Title: To what extent might practitioners enhance children’s imaginative experiences?
Introduction: what the report is about 100-150 words max
• Define
• Links to Pedogogy
• Vygotsky: Mind in Society
• Piaget: Play, dreams & Imitiation

• Define Play
• Importance of play (UNICEF)
• Types: Child initiated, Learning Through Play (Groos or Bruner)
• Tina Bruce: Time to Play

Role of practitioners:
• Sustained shared thinking Julie Fisher
• Moyles: Thinking about Play: developing a reflective approach
• Siraj-Blatchford et al (2002) Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years (REPEY)


Please provide a tight structure, if the writer, feels they can provide a better plan then whats given please ensure it is to a very good standard. I would like the essay to flow throughout, and I am happy for subheadings.

Possible Extras:

Paul Harris: The work of the imagination

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