CCD (Colony, Collapse, and Disorder), Public Health, and Sustainability

Paper instructions:
Topic: Why is CCD (Colony, Collapse, and Disorder) a detriment to Public Health and Sustainability?

(Follow the “Paper Guidelines” an “How The Paper Must Be Constructed” Documents):

“unsustainable” = design / invention as if living systems do not matter because humanity exists apart from the biosphere

“sustainable” = designing / inventing (everything) to interact with living systems because humanity exists within the biosphere

biophilic = sustainable

human invention and design that supports all life = sustainable

The Body of Paper should be in the following order, with each of the following having their own subheading:

-Why is this happening? What exactly have people done to cause this and what can they do to correct their mistakes? (Sacred Relationship between not just Humans and Bees, but also the one between Humans and the Environment itself, talk about both).
-How this relates to the importance of Biodiversity
-Impact on the Economy (Agriculture Crops are mostly pollinated by these European Beese etc.) (How this relates to sustainability etc.)
-Why is this important and how will investing in such a cause ultimately lead to

Must use at least 6-7 journals/resources for citations, along with quotes from the film “Queen of the Sun” (Which would mean a total of 7-8 total citations).

Link to film:

(I will post some relevant resources as soon, however some online journals you’ll have to find yourself (which shouldn’t be hard via a simple google search).

MUST include appropriate End Notes and a Full Bibliography at the end of the paper.
Term Paper Guideline
In bringing these papers to life, these guidelines will assist you to produce pieces that convey your learning in a way that is both creative and scholarly. Please turn in a term paper that is about 10-15 pages long, and based on the research you have been conducting since mid-semester. You may use APA or MLA styles for references. I will be evaluating the paper based on the following rubric:
Organization of ideas – is the research question or position statement clearly stated? I recommend keeping these to 10-15 words for purposes of clarity. Feel free to send them to me for feedback prior to turning in your paper. Does the structure of the paper answer the question or support the statement adequately? Are the ideas presented logically and systematically? The structure of the paper (or the “bones” of the paper) gives the paper its shape and scope. Write the main body of the paper BEFORE the introduction or the conclusion. Choose the bookends after the body of the paper is complete. The conclusion should answer the question, “So what?” meaning why is this topic important and how does it relate to larger societal or global contexts? The introduction should be a beguiling entranceway into the structure you have created, inviting the reader to come on this journey of exploration. Remember, the bones of the paper determine its overall balance, poise, and functionality.
Comprehensiveness of research – are the references accurate, appropriate, and rigorous? Have you demonstrated reasonable knowledge of this particular research area? Have you made good use of the required readings, in addition to any other sources found outside of class? If the paper topic warrants it, you may include non-academic sources, such as websites, books for a general audience, manuals, popular press, and other media. You may also interview persons and include information from these personal communications. The sources you draw from are like the major organs of the paper: does it have a heart, a brain, skin, and stomach? Do the sources work in synergy to support your main thesis or provide answers to your main question?
Clarity of prose – is the writing clear and lucid? Are the ideas expressed cogently? Have you carefully proofread the paper and checked for errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax? My preference is for simple, straightforward, crystal clear prose, rather than sophisticated but potentially muddy or garbled writing. Remember, you want to elucidate ideas, not intimidate your reader with your intellectual power. Writing the prose is like fleshing out your creation, making sure the connective tissues and muscles will allow your paper to have both strength and flexibility, moving gracefully and efficiently toward your conclusion.

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