business writing assigment
Business Writing – Ch6 types of business letters

E21. Rewrite the following ineffective adjustment letter saying “Yes”


Dear Mr.Smith
We are extremely sorry to learn that you found the suit you purchased from us unsatisfactory.The problem obviously stems from the fact that you selected it from the rack marked ” Factory Seconds”. In all honesty, we have had a lot of problems because of this rack.I guess we should know better originally thought that our customers would accept poorer quality merchandise if it saved them some money.That was our mistake.

Please accept our apologies.If you will bring your ” Factory Second ” suit to us,we will see what we can do about honoring your request.

E22. Rewrite the following ineffective adjustment letter saying “No”

Dear Customer:
Our company is unwilling to give you a new toaster or to refund your purchase price. After examining the toaster you sent to us, we found that the fault was not ours, as you insist, but yours. Let me explain. Our toaster is made to take a lot of punishment But being dropped on the floor or poked inside with a knife, as you probably did, exceeds all decent treatment. You must be careful if you expect your appliances to last. Your negligence in this case is so bad that the toaster could not be repaired.

In the future, consider using your appliances according to the guidelines set down in warranty books. That’s why they are written.

Since you are now in the market for a new toaster, let me suggest that you purchase our new heavy—duty model, number 67342, called the Counter—Whiz. I am taking the liberty of sending you some information” about this model. I do hope you at least go to see one at your local appliance center.

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