Biography of Frank Wilcoxon

Frank Wilcoxon:

Born, 2nd September 1892 in Glengarriffe Castle near to Cork, Ireland

Died, 18 November 1965 in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

The Family Data

Frank Wilcoxon was born on 2nd September in 1892 in Glengarriffe castle which is near to Cork in Ireland. Wilcoxon came from a wealthy family who’s resided in Europe before shifting to Gengarriffe Castle near Cork in Ireland.  This is was where Frank wilcoxon was born and brought up together with his twin sisters.  His father was a poet fanatic besides being nature obsessed .He also relied on hunting for the upkeep of the family.  The economical background of the family had compelled them to live in Catskill, in New York where life was favorable.

Unfortunately, Frank’s twin Sister passed away, in 1918 while they were still at their tender age.   The death of the twin sister affected Frank emotionally and this compelled Frank to make a decision of never to bear children ever in his life. Frank Wilcoxon, got his education in Cornel University where he was lucky to meet Frederica Facius, who happened to be a student from the same university. The couple got married on May 27, in 1926.The couple was famous all over the place for their competence in statistics work.

Education Background

Frank Wilcoxon’s education background is little bit complicated. During his tender age, he got his education through private tutorial.  When he was around 16 years of age, Frank ran away from home and went to live around the sea. This was around 1908. His mission was to sail and ran away for he had no passion for education but unfortunately the ship failed to sail and this thwarted his plans. Frank had no option but to search for an opportunity which could get him some money.  He therefore worked in Oil Company as a casual worker and tree surgeon. This was in West Virginia, but finally he returned home in 1917. Immediately he returned home, He was taken to Pennsylvania Military College; this was not the best place for Frank.

The knowledge and skills obtained from the military college secured him a job in Atlas Powder Company in Michigan.  In 1920, He later attended Rutgers College and graduated in 1921, With a Magister in Chemistry.  He later advanced his career education and joined Cornel University, and he studied physical chemistry.  The physical Chemistry acquired him a PhD in 1924. One year Later, Frank held a fellowship which He commemorated his postdoctoral.

Professional Career
            Frank Wilcoxon first career position was at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Researchers in Yonkers.  The research work was aimed at studying on the impacts of copper when it is used as a fungicide.  In his career work Frank was in a position to meet other people who also worked in the same department.  The research work involved the study of Ronald A. Fisher’s who had introduced the latest statistical method. The study   stimulated him to have an urge of returning to the Research institution after sometime.  The passion for Statistic work, moved him to an extent of publishing some articles which at that moment were not found to have any significance, but later in life their importance was Institute where he carried out his teaching career.

Frank Wilcoxon also taught in Brooklyn Polytechnicum for 12 years, and this was from 1929 to 1941. He retired from his professional career in 1960 and immediately he was offered an opportunity to take part as an eminent lecturer at the Department of Statistics at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Beside his professional career, Wilcoxon was able to present his thoughts on some chronological rank tests. The tests had been presented using sample tests and this took place at a meeting held at the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Eastern North American Region of Biometric Society in Chapel Hill, New York.

During his professional Career, Frank Wilcoxon was able to formulate the two major statistics tests – Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test and Den Wilcoxon Signes Rank Test. Some of the colleagues of Frank who worked with him in the statistical work comprised of William John Youden and F.E. Denny, who was also a biologist. All this statisticians happened to meet at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research in Yonkers, New York. All these professionals who met in this institution were studying, Fisher’s statistical methods. Before his death in 1965, Frank had made some publications which had totaled to a maximum of 80 publications.

Dr. Frank Wilcoxon passed away on November 18, 1965 after a short illness but he had already accomplished his mission. He had led a complete and fruitful life and this was determined by the contributions he had made in sciences. Until his death, Frank Wilcoxon has devoted his life to research in Chemistry and Biology.

After working in the Mathematics department for quite some time, He retired and joined his wife where he spent the rest of his life in Florida. He taught applied Statistics until his death, in 1965.





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