Audit Paper

This paper will be an audit done on the Company Best Buy please use guideline provided below and in the attachment follow all instructions and format.

Use Appendix 1.A on p. 34 of your textbook as an outline to guide your strategic audit of a real company. The outline is just that-a guide-not a “cast in stone” prescription for a project. Not every company will have all this kind of material available. The trick to producing a great audit is to select a well known company whose website can provide all the financial data you need. Well known companies are also written about by others in their industry, so finding articles about their strategies, their products, and their competition is relatively easy.

Length: Length might vary depending on the company, but most audits are between 8-10 pages. This is worth 20 points.

You will need to consult with me at the beginning of the semester to find an appropriate company to research. The objective of the project is for you to demonstrate ability to integrate all the learning you have acquired in your courses

(accounting, economics, finance, law, marketing, management, organizational behavior, etc.) and apply that learning to a discussion of the overall strategic management of a real company. You will be expected to provide information that closely follows the outline. Except for financial data, which may be presented in graphs, all information is to be presented in essay format. That means well organized and written paragraphs that are focused and hang together with each other.

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