Article reviews will be a minimum of 2 pages, with bibliography and copies of articles used. You must submit a copy of the article(s) you used for your reflection paper. This does not preclude you from including a bibliography!

Please submit your paper in class next week. The due date for this assignment is Wednesday, October 16, 2013, by 12:00 pm.

Here are the following items I will be looking for/marking in your paper:

1. Length
2. Format (double spaced, bibliography attached, college writing level)
3. Clear explanation of issue from your article(s)
4. Sufficient explanation of your perception, which includes terminology (correctly used) from the course, as well as, concepts/theories covered.
5. Effective summary paragraph(s). A one or two line summary is not satisfactory. Summary should include final thoughts on the direction of this issue, or how you may effect change, or a proposed outcome that you would like to see, etc.

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