Applied Linguistics For The English Language Learners Teacher

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In this research, I want you write about many aspects:
1) Introduction (What do teachers need to know about the language – Dialect)
2) Phonology (Phonology, phonetics, and the phoneme – Casual accounts of speech sound – IPA)
3)Orthography (The history of english spelling – Constrains on the spelling system of English).
4) Morphology (Morphemes – Derivational and inflectional affixes – Classifying content words – classifying function words)
5) Register : The Context of Situation (Introduction to register, toner, and field – Discussion about differences between register and dialect).
6) Writing, Speaking, and Academic Texts: The influence of Mode and Field (Mode – Register and the curriculum).
7) Genre: The Context of Culture (The concept of genre – Schools genres – Applying our knowledge of genre for analysis).
8)Textuality, Cohesion, and Syntax: Analyzing Word Order and Cohesion (Textuality and lexical cohesion, referential cohesion, and conjunctive cohesion – Introduction to syntax.


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