Analyze and research specific public policy issue of social welfare.

Analyze and research specific public policy issue of social welfare.

Paper details

You are to analyze and to research a specific public policy issue from the general policy

areas of civil rights, the economy and policy making, social welfare, health care, the

environment, or foreign/defense policy making. The project should be 8-10 pages in length

and should cite 10-15 sources using APA format. You may use Edwards end of chapter

Websites from Module 5, although you are encouraged to locate your own sites as well.

  1. a clear statement of the issue, citing the specific positions in dispute.
  2. the jurisdictional level at which the issue should be addressed.
  3. the key players and influences, as well as their specific roles, including policymaking

and linkage institutions.

  1. the specific actions or avenues you could/would/will take to directly involve yourself

in the issue and/or process as a citizen.

  1. an identification of barriers that you expect to encounter and your plans for

overcoming them.

  1. specific recommendations as to how the issue should/can be resolved based on a

consideration of all policy options.

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  1. what values or beliefs you are using in your analysis of the issue.

Title Page – It should be concise and descriptive. Creative wouldn’t hurt! Your name, course

name and number, college and term should be listed.

Purpose of Study – The final project should include a succinct statement that explains why you

selected the particular area of interest and why it lends itself to a research paper. State the

purpose of your research and why it interests you. You should also identify the audience for

your work.

Opening Statement, Assumptions or Hypothesis

The project is a rigorous academic exercise and should be carefully thought out from

beginning to end. It is imperative that you resist presentation of opinion as fact, and instead

develop assumptions or hypotheses without reaching conclusions before you investigate the


The opening statement, argument or hypothesis focuses your ideas for the paper; it’s your

argument, insight or viewpoint summarized into a sentence or two that gives the reader your

main idea. It present the rationale for you paper and clearly indicates why it is worth exploring.

If you are not sure about how to refine, narrow or broaden your thesis, please go to our online

Library for assistance at

Discussion of Findings

You must demonstrate that you have expanded your knowledge of the subject. This is where

you must cite between 10-15 sources using the APA format. This section should discuss and

offer an interpretation of the sources you cite. Choose the sources carefully. They should

demonstrate your understanding of the research issues related to your topic and show your

ability to critically evaluate/integrate the literary sources.

Some research websites that may be helpful as you begin your research can be found at:

ESC’s Online Library Research Sites:

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