American Tongues movie

you need to watch a American Tongues movie and you can the movie divided into many small parts and the YouTube channel link " " , after that you need to read the following paragraphs and answer the questions in one page

"American Tongues" (1988) is a documentary film that examines dialects and accents of American English and their perception.

Dialects represented in the film differ in their phonology ("accents"), their vocabulary, and, oftentime, in the pragmatic rules that govern the ways in which their speakers interact with each other.
Social perception and evaluation of these American dialects varies. While some dialects are stigmatized, other are considered to be "correct," "proper," and "standard" English.

Different perceptions and evaluations of language varieties ("language ideologies"), are not just about the linguistic difference alone. For example, British English dialects are noticeably different from the dialects of American English including "standard" American English, and yet, some British dialects are highly valued by Americans. Such language ideologies are strongly influenced by values, beliefs, and understandings that people have about their society, the social groups and categories that comprise that society and relations between them.

Can you identify some of the social aspects and causes of dialect stigmatization depicted in the "American Tongues" video? Why, for example, Brooklyn (NY) English, African American English, Bostonian South End English are stigmatized and so are many Southern

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