Prepare a press release for the airline of your choice, discussing its founding and history. Use Internet, library and other resources to help prepare a 2-3 pages press release discussing their history. Use at least 3-5 sources for this essay.

Your task is to write the press release with the following minimum information:

1. When and where the company was founded.
2. Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company and what experience does he/she have in the airline industry?
3. Where the company is based and what routes are flown.
4. How the company became successful. What management strategies are employed? Is there a good employer/employee relation?
5. What marketing strategy is the airline currently using? Has the marketing strategy changed this past year? Explain.
6. Why would/wouldn?t you want to work for this airline?

Remember: You must document the sources you quote from! Please go to to find examples of proper citation.

The essay requires you to research and write at least 2-3 pages in response to these questions. To get a high score, make sure you answer each question thoroughly. You should save the document on your computer or a disk. Click here to read the essay grading criteria page.

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