AGI – Jeopardy
Who is the president of the US?)
South Jamat Khana (church) launched the first-ever Jeopardy game for AGI (Aging Gracefully Initiative) members, which consisted of 4 teams of 3 seniors each and multiple rounds and categories, including Health, Citizenship, Religion and Math & Du’a. This gameshow reflects back to Hazar Imam’s vision for seniors, alzheimers, education, health, religion, etc. Seniors always need something to do to occupy their time at home, and this game show allowed them months of studying 200 Q&A. Many seniors were studying day and night for this game show and educating themselves on various topics, including cholesterol, multiplication, Islam, etc. Some studied the citizenship questions and are already on their way to answering questions during their citizenship interviews. This game show helped them mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, etc., in all aspects of life that the Imam would like to see his elderly murids. One senior made numerous prayers prior to the game show and even prayed that she will attend all 7 Satadas if she wins (which her team did win). The buzzer round in the game show allowed seniors to read faster and become smarter and quicker at answering. At the end, they all learned that this was not a competition to win or lose, yet they learned the importance of team work, supporting one another and spreading the knowledge that they gained. Because it was a huge success, Atlanta Northeast JK held their game show the following week, followed by Atlanta HQ.

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