After reading Chapter 5: Finding Voice in Writing True,Journal 3–Line Starter Exercise

Your text outlines several techniques–idea generators–to “launch a topic or to develop one in depth.” For this journal assignment, you will try one, called “Line

Starters,” which might be helpful when writing memoirs. In this exercise, you should copy one of the line starters below onto a blank page and then start writing. You

should shoot for at least two pages double-spaced, but don’t stop if the writing is going well.

Before you begin this journal assignment, be sure to read Chapter 3: Ten Ways to a Draft, in your Writing True book. Then, filling up at least two pages, double-

spaced, complete one line starter from the list below.

Choose ONE line starter from the following list (from Writing True):

I used to ______, but now I_______.

I remember….I remember….(Or start with –I don’t remember….Or switch back and forth.)

If I had to do it again, I would ______.

A saying I always heard around the house was _________.

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