Using the ELCC standards as a guide, write a reflection paper that analyzes your strengths and areas for continued, immediate improvement with respect to the six administrative competencies. Be sure to identify the three competencies that you feel you have the greatest strength in and those three you feel are areas of potential improvement for you. Outline clearly what steps you will take to strengthen areas for improvement. This paper should be written in Microsoft Word and should be submitted below.

Evaluative Criteria

The writer selects 3 competencies in which he/she feels very capable and describes why he/she feels this way.
For each competency of strength selected, at least 3 concrete examples are selected and described.
The writer selects 3 competencies that, in his/her opinion, warrant immediate, continued improvement.
For each competency of improvement selected, at least 3 concrete examples of “next steps” to be taken are selected and described

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