A Macro Plan: Ready, Set…Change

Consider the following scenario:

You are the head of a national educational organization. Over the past five years the organization has experienced organizational changes that are impacting its capacity, capability,and the sustainability. You have been asked to identify a worthy education reform and bring to the table strategies to address readiness at the macro level.

To prepare for this Discussion read the Module’s readings on assessing and analyzing readiness for change in an organization. Focus on the capacity and capability components in each reading. Focus on macro-level conditions needed to participate in education reform. Consider how capacity and capability impact education reform at the macro level. Use the six questions from the Reeves resource to guide your thinking.
Choose an organization from the list of websites in this Module and identify a “hot topic” that is currently being discussed.

By Day 7 of Week 5:

Post the organization and “hot topic” you selected. What innovative ideas can you bring to the table in order to address the “hot topic” in this organization? What challenges might you encounter when dealing with change at a macro level in terms of capacity and capability? What are the readiness issues that would foster or impede your ability to implement such a change at the macro level? Cite your sources.



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